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Thread: Problems after Windows Update KB4013429

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    Problems after Windows Update KB4013429

    I run NPVR on two Windows 10 PC's
    One is my main PC used for Video editing and Graphics runs on Windows 10 Pro 1607
    The second is a PVR under my TV running on Windows 10 Home 1607
    Yesterday Microsoft rolled out it's monthly updates and they installed on my Windows 10 Pro machine and everything seems to work just fine.
    After my PVR Windows 10 Home machine updated, NPVR crashes everytime I try to play video...
    I took a look at the updates and uninstalled KB4013429 and now everything works again just fine!!
    I have run Microsoft tool "wushowhide.diagcab" to hide this update and prevent it from installing short term so I can use the PVR.
    I have attached all the .log files from today.
    I hope someone can point me in the right direction, I do like to keep my PC's up to date.
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    See the Sticky at the top of the page!

    NextPVR Server - HP N54L Microserver, Windows 7 - Storage 2 X 3TB in Windows mirror- Tuners DVBSky S952 Twin DVB-S/S2 PCIe, August T210 DVB-T/T2 USB, KWorkd UB499-2T Twin DVB-T USB.
    Clients RPi2 & Acer RL80 Celeron Nettop both running X-NEWA on LibreElec.

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