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Thread: Can't change Recording Type of Recurring Recordings in v3.9.2

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    Can't change Recording Type of Recurring Recordings in v3.9.2

    I'm unable to adjust the Recording Types of existing Recurring Recordings. For instance, I've been recording "All Episodes" of "Ask This Old House", but now I've decided I only want to record "New Episodes". I can't alter the existing settings. I'd have to delete it from Recurring Recordings, and create a new one to replace it. For testing I've also tried adjusting Recurring shows that are currently set at "All New Episodes", but can't change them either.

    To reproduce:

    • Enter the Recordings Menu
    • Scroll over to Recurring Recordings
    • Pick a recording currently shceduled for "All Episodes". In my example, "Ask This Old House"
    • Press Enter/Ok
    • Scroll down to "Update"
    • From "Recording Type" try to change "All Episodes" to "New Episodes Only"..... it doesn't let me change or see the other options. Left and right doesn't work. Using the mouse cursor to click on the < and > buttons also does nothing.
    • However, Pre-Padding, Post-Padding, Directory, and Keep can all be changed with the left and right arrows as well as the < and > buttons.

    I believe it worked in the previous version.

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    I've never been able to change the recording type once it's set in this or any previous version of NPVR. At least not as far as I can remember.

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    I've never tried this before, but I just tried in 3.4.8 and I can't do it.
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    Correct, you can't change a recording type after it's created. It's always been this way. Delete it and create a new recording.

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