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Thread: Desktop Gadget not working after Win10 Creators Update

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    Desktop Gadget not working after Win10 Creators Update

    I updated my Win10 Pro PC with the Creators update and NPVR seems to work still without any problems....
    Except that the Desktop Gadget which I really find useful has stopped working, if I click on the top bar to update it , it just sits there with a 'Connecting' message.
    So Reinstalled NPVR over my existing setup, this usually works if I have had a problem with the gadget before, but on this occasion it does not.
    I have removed the gadget and re-pinned it to my desktop but this did not work!!
    I uninstalled the gadget completely, but when I went to the NEWA page to get a clean new download to test I cannot find a link on the 'Statistics' page!
    So two questions, where is the link for the gadget, or how do I download the latest version to try again.
    I have tried "web\public\services\Installs\Gadgets", but all I get is DNS server not found message.... I have tried this on two different PC's!!
    Second has anyone else seen this problem or is it just me?
    Some help with this would be appreciated, I miss the quick info this gadget provides.
    Many thanks
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    Did you get this sorted?
    What version of the gadget have you got? I have v1.1 and that works for me after the Windows 10 Creators update.
    NPVR Version= 4.1.0
    Intel i7 Quad Core 3200 + 16GB DDR2 Gigabyte Motherboard
    Windows 10 Pro 64bit
    BlackGold dual DVB T & S tuner
    60Gb SSD System Disk (Raid 1)
    60Gb SSD Recording Cache
    4Tb Media Store (WD Red 4Tb x 2 in Raid 1)

    Raspberry 2 x Pi2 running OSMC

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