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Thread: Just upgraded to 3.9.2 - NMTs now fail playing recordings

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    Just upgraded to 3.9.2 - NMTs now fail playing recordings

    Hi, I just made the upgrade to NPVR 3.9.2. My server is on Microsoft Windows WHS2011 - the latest windows upgrades were also installed at the same time.

    On my NMTs (A110s) the menus operate fine, but when I playback a recorded .ts file the playback will run for a few seconds max and then crash - either back to the recordings menu or with a lockup (black screen) of the NMT which then requires a reset.

    The same files played through the native NMT interface play fine (so I have a long winded work-around). The NPVR PC client also plays the recordings OK.

    Syntax checker output run against the my test NMT shows:

    Checking for mvpmc share on BLINK
    mvpmc F:\ServerFolders\Public\mvpmc

    Checking GB-PVR.html links
    F:\ServerFolders\Public\mvpmc \GB-PVR.html not found

    NMT IP Address: MAC 0006DC43541B

    GB-PVR Not Installed

    N-PVR Installed F:\ServerFolders\Public\NPVR
    <a href="http://localhost.drives:8883/NETWORK_SHARE/BLINK:mvpmc/npvr.cgi">N-PVR</a>
    <a href="http://localhost.drives:8883/NETWORK_SHARE/NETWORK_BROWSER/browser.cgi">N-PVR via Network Browser</a>
    <a href="http://localhost.drives:8883/USB_DRIVE_A-1/mvpmc/usb_a.cgi">N-PVR via USB</a>

    config.xml entry found Client Type PCH2
    MVPName Test_PCH
    MVPClientType PCH2
    MVPWidth 1180
    MVPHeight 680
    MVPOffsetX 40
    MVPOffsetY 32
    MVPSendIncrementalUpdates true
    MVPAspectRatio default
    MVPSkin Default
    MVPPreferredMenuStyle slideout

    Enabled true
    Port 8866

    The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error.

    Checking NMT Version

    Checking NMT Display
    720p 60Hz

    Calling NMT Source
    smb://BLINK/mvpmc Username: Password Length: 0

    smb://BLINK/Videos Username: PCH Password Length: 7

    I cleared the logs, restarted the NPVR server and attempted to play some recordings on the test machine. The first two dropped back to the menu screen and the last one froze the NMT - zipped logs attached. My TS files are all recorded from a DVB-S2 sat card, mostly in HD but SD recordings playback also fail in the same way

    Any and all suggestions gratefully received.

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    The web server is crashing,on non-standard installations there is a file that needs to be deleted when you start up described here


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    That did the trick - many thanks Martin.


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