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Thread: External HDMI capture device?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sub View Post
    The Colossus2/HDPVR2 are still the best choice. The Elgato device wouldn't be compatible with NextPVR.
    Price is about the same for both. I will do more research. Thanks for the help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sub View Post
    You may find that NextPVR manages to get around HDCP with a Hauppauge Rocket...
    Is this still the case?

    From FW Update Page: "Note: in either mode, you still cannot record HDMI video protected with HDCP."

    Apart from the Rocket, is there an updated device by Hauppauge (or others) that does the same?

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    It does manage to get around HDCP with the Hauppauge Rocket. All other HDMI capture devices you'll need to use a splitter that removes HDCP.

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