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    Currently using zap2xml and I am having problems with a couple of channels (Cartoon network and Nickelodeon) The Guide shows all of the correct shows that are airing but does not give me specific episode information (episode synopsis, or season or episode number). Has anyone run into this problem before and know how to fix it? Don't know if it matters but the service provider is Comcast.
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    From what I've seen of Zap2xml, if they don't include that information, it's not going to be present. I've not seen it in my listings either, I was looking for it. There are "IDs" for the show, but no clue how to cross-reference that with the episode #. Synopsis there *is* an option in zap2xml that will ask it to go repeatedly for every show to get a long description, that should do it, but it will take a long while, especially if you go for 14 days. I'm just getting used to the one liners myself. Not sure what the extra information will get, you *may* get the episode # and such from that, but since I was not interested in it, I didn't bother with it, since there is just totally too much stuff to scan for descriptions.


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