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Thread: New UI facelift anyone?

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    It'd help if I can understand how you're trying to use this. Is this for the now page, or the tv guide, or some new page?

    Either way, I can definitely give you what you need, but understanding what you're trying to do, will help me determine if we already have call that does what you need.
    this is for channels/tv page that shows a grid of channels posted earlier. after you click a specific channel, i pull up all the listing for that channel.. now when i click a show/episode i want to open the popup to schedule it to record, etc. anyway, i have solved this by storing the info when the listing originally loaded in a variable "lookup" when needed.

    so with that solved... two things:
    now when you view a channel, i want to fetch the channel information, not the listings or anything, i only want to know if the channel exist. go to: /public/GuideService/Channel/<channel ID>
    what's the /service parameter equivalent to that? basically i'm using actually URLs when clicking stuff and not javascript attached to div (which i don't really like). using actual links like: channel.html?id=<channelid> i just want to check that it's a real link (sanitation check basically).

    one more thing.. when viewing guide data for a channel i want to highlight the rows that have been set to record, etc.. just like the guide does when there are events. however, i noticed that it requires another call to the database to know whether it has been scheduled. this is not a big deal as i can just do another call, but wondering if it would make more sense to just store the scheduled parameters in the same list?

    look at the image i attached. they are more or less the same (ID 1895114 / OID 1895114) except one stores a little more info and has the scheduled fields.. why not put them into one so only 1 call is needed when pulling the listing? im just curious about this, not a big deal.

    2nd picture is the page you get when you click a channel logo on the channel grid page.
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