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Thread: New UI facelift anyone?

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    On Now is more powerful than ever.

    off this weekend and want to check what movies are on at 8pm? simply click on Start, select your schedule, select movie and wallah. it's intelligent that you don't even need to specify a date or time. it detects the next time slot (ie: if it's currently 9:30, 10:00 will be reconfigured for you) then you can just click the button..

    want to see what shows your channel groups will be airing at a certain time? you can do that too. what about for a specific channel? sure why not
    if you add something like genre, or a time period, you can easily remove the applied options.

    i made improvements to the time displayed as well. if something is airing (overflowing into your specified time) it should be more accurate and show time left and not "Starts in"
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