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Thread: Classic web interface issues

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    Classic web interface issues

    I tend to like the "Classic" web interface better than the "Modern" one. Partly because it includes some additional info not included in Modern (like Original Air Date). But, some time ago the Manage Recordings view developed a problem when scrolling down the page. I have minimal web page designing skills, but it appears to me that the issue may have something to do with overlapping "frames".

    At the bottom of the page, thee is a frame that illustrates the color coding scheme for "Pending", "In Progress", etc. The same is true on the "TV Guide" page. With the latter, if I scroll up the page, that bottom frame stays put as one would expect. But... on the Manage Recordings page, when you try to scroll down through the list of recordings, that bottom frame scrolls up, covering over the info on one of the recordings. If one looks close at the scroll bar on the right side of the window, the scroll bar extends down into the bottom frame area on the Manage Recordings page, but does not do so on the TV Guide page.

    I may not be describing this well enough to follow... so in the vein of "a picture is worth a thousand words", I have attached four screen captures. Two are of the TV Guide page and two are of the Manage Recordings page. In each case, there is one screen capture reflecting being scrolled all the way to the top of the list, and another partially scrolled down. I have annotated in red a few key points to observe.

    I usually use Firefox, but the same behavior occurs if I use Chrome or Edge. And if I use a different computer. Perhaps most people use the "Modern" web interface and that is why I haven't noticed this being reported earlier.

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