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Thread: Automatic backup of Config.xml and NPVR.db3

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    Automatic backup of Config.xml and NPVR.db3

    I don't know how anyone else feels but I would like to see an automatic backup option in the MISC options that rolls config.xml and npvr.db3 for 5 days like what happens to the logs.

    Just a simple input field of what directory you want it backed up to. In my case it's going to external drive g:\npvrbackup

    I added some code to run in my PostUpdateEPG.bat file but it might be something to consider in the next update by default.

    I included a "mock up" with the feature added.

    Although it would be nice if it could be done automatically in a zipped file.

    @Echo off
    GoTo :BEGIN
    :: Roll config.xml & npvr.db3 once per day when the EPG update is triggered
    	Set SCRIPTNAME=%0
    	Set BASEDIR="c:\users\public\npvr"
    	Set DATA=%BASEDIR%\npvr.db3
    	Set DATA2=%BASEDIR%\config.xml
    	SET Setbackup="g:\npvrbackup\npvr.db3"
    	SET Setbackup2="g:\npvrbackup\config.xml"
      If EXIST %Setbackup%.4 COPY %Setbackup%.4 %Setbackup%.5 > nul
        If EXIST %Setbackup%.3 COPY %Setbackup%.3 %Setbackup%.4 > nul
        If EXIST %Setbackup%.2 COPY %Setbackup%.2 %Setbackup%.3 > nul
        If EXIST %Setbackup%.1 COPY %Setbackup%.1 %Setbackup%.2 > nul
        If EXIST %DATA%   COPY %DATA% %Setbackup%.1 > nul
    If EXIST %Setbackup2%.4 COPY %Setbackup2%.4 %Setbackup2%.5 > nul
        If EXIST %Setbackup2%.3 COPY %Setbackup2%.3 %Setbackup2%.4 > nul
        If EXIST %Setbackup2%.2 COPY %Setbackup2%.2 %Setbackup2%.3 > nul
        If EXIST %Setbackup2%.1 COPY %Setbackup2%.1 %Setbackup2%.2 > nul
        If EXIST %DATA2%   COPY %DATA2% %Setbackup2%.1 > nul
    	GoTo :EOF
    	Exit /b
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    I also support this request. I recently had a case where NextPVR failed in some manner on a Monday but I was not able to investigate until I returned from out of the country on Friday. Please also add a config variable that controls how many log files kept in the log folder.

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