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Thread: Disable Time Shift Option - Please!

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    Disable Time Shift Option - Please!

    There are many reasons to have the option to disable Time Shift.

    1. Not everyone uses it, so it's pointless for some people. (e.g. I've never used it...)
    2. SSD HDD Wear, which somone else raised, but is probably minor, due to wear control.
    3. USB Key / SD Card Wear, which is very real, as they do not manage wear at all, so will / do quickly fail being used for Time Shifting.
    4. USB interface bandwidth, I know that Time Shifting is affecting other recordings to my USB HDD, by doubling the traffic to the drive when recording one channel whilst watching another.
    5. Network bandwidth, Next PVR works fine to my NAS, but it's always spun up and consuming network bandwidth the entire time I'm watching, so I don't use my NAS anymore for NextPVR which is silly. Bearing in mind my Tuner (HD Homerun) is also using the network it all adds up to lots of traffic, much of it the same... again can cause laggs and delays on both the nas drive and the network.
    6. Extra processing CPU overheads, caching to a drive generates additional processing and management overhead for the CPU, depending on the platform that could make the difference between 'great' and 'crap.
    7. It would be useful for diagnosis, i.e. To be able to tell if it helps with any of the above, or any other problems related to network/CPU/disk issues.

    As you should be able to see, there's quite a few reasonable reasons to be able to disable the Time Shift function, if it's in the core of NextPVR, then perhaps it's time to review how that is done, to allow for Cache less viewing. If you MUST have a cache why not allow the use of a small (<5min) cache to RAM. So you don't have to re-write too much and we are all happy! )

    Thank You.
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    Alternatively, if you have sufficient spare RAM, install a free RAMDISK utility to create a virtual hard disk (in memory) and then set your live TV buffer to point to this instead of one of your other drive.
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    I use lmdisk for my ramdrive - works great for temp storage and my portable apps like firefox. I think you will also find that SD cards, other than cheapo un-named ones, do wear levelling.

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    Most of the problems seem to be related to using the NAS for temporary files, I just use my C drive SSD for the buffer file and record to the NAS. My SSD after many years of use is still close to 100% life.

    That being said since I too only use live playback, and since sub has be reluctant to add time shifting via x-newa I would like to see it turned off because of another point

    8. Useless and inefficient for http streaming and transcoded client playback (iOS, Android and browser clients).

    A few months ago sub did mention he would look at EPG based remote access which would be great since the buffer isn't just for time shifting, it lets you record the entire buffer which is very handy. PreviousPVR (GBPVR and PVR2) allowed this and direct card playback which was a much better model from a client perspective.


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