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Thread: Conflict recordings

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    Conflict recordings

    I am having trouble generating a conflict recording to test my code. I tried to schedule a conflict but nextpvr would not let me do it. I also tried reducing the number of turners to see if that would generate one. No go.

    Any ideas on how to generate a conflict recording that will result in
    generating some output?

    CPU- Intel I5-8400, Ram -12GB, SSD - 128GB, HDD - 1TB, Turners - Hauppauge WinTV-quadHD, OS - Win 10 Home, Router - TP-Link Archer C7(AC1750).

    Intel NUC CPU - Intel N3700, RAM - 4GB, SSD - 128GB, OS - Win 10, Wired Ethernet.

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    The easiest way to generate one is schedule a one off recording or later in the week, and the same time as some other show, and then you schedule a season recording for that other show. Make sure that one off is later in the week though, so you can schedule the season recording from an episode of that other show from earlier in the week.

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