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This is a fairly minor release. It is largely just a roll up of patches already posted.

- further IPTV improvements
- performance improvements to the Settings->Channels, and Channel Groups screens when dealing with huge lists of channels.
- fixed issue where channel icons weren't showing in Kodi
- fixed issue that could cause an exception when changing between channels on different sources
- fixed issue where Android app could incorrectly report that it failed to connect to NextPVR when the users pin code was different than the default 0000
- fixed issue with using "-direct" command line while specifying a Default Startup activity other than 'Main Menu'.
- fixed obfuscated logging for one type of IPTV provider, that was logging plain text urls
- now flag Kodi to reload the recordings when a playback position has changed for a recording (so that you could resume on another kodi client etc)
- on the 'show details' popup, shows with long descriptions are now split into multiple parts, and you can press left/right to move between them. (previously it was just clipped at whatever would fit in the available space)
- fixed issue where artwork from Schedules Direct would sometimes not be used.