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Thread: Nextpvr Status box

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    Nextpvr Status box

    Can someone assist me in why teh status box turns red? I have just one channel playing and it goes red?
    I have included the logs.
    Thank you,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brucek2839 View Post
    I have just one channel playing and it goes red?
    Simply stated, NextPVR is two processes ... One process is the software that you see on screen where you view the EPG and make and watch recordings. The other is the NextPVR Recording Service that runs continuously in the background. It is the recording service that connects to tuners and creates recording files and passes data from the tuner to the front-end software when watching Live TV.

    The red status icon indicates that the NextPVR Recording Service is doing something.
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    Red = at least one tuner is in use. It will turn red when recording a show for you and it also if you're watching Live TV.
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