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Thread: Live TV Freeze

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    Quote Originally Posted by sub View Post
    I doubt there is very many people that have ever tried streaming remotely. Most people are only streaming within their local network.
    I know, that's part of the problem.
    If more users would try this it would give you more info to troubleshoot.

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    Just saw this thread and think I may have experienced same issue. Was remote streaming live world cup games last week and noticed they all froze around the 30 minute mark. Had to close app and start again to get it working. At the time I just chalked it up to being on a bad free wifi hotspot but now think it is similar to what is described in this thread.

    Will attempt to test further and report back with any findings.

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    Just ran another test and live tv quits at 30 minutes. Video freezes on the phone and have to close the app to reconnect to server. The server shutdown the feed from my hdhr prime. Test was runover comcast blast internet service for the server and ATT cellular data for the client. My server has a I5 4690k running at 4 Ghz and never rose above 23% utilization on any of the 4 cores.
    ps. I only use the app for streaming away from home just never realized there was an issue because I only used it for around half an hour at a time.
    pss I can give you access to my server at any time.
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