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Thread: New Plex Scanners for NextPVR

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    New Plex Scanners for NextPVR

    These scanners will allow Plex to correctly scan and index NextPVR recordings allowing playback of recorded shows via a Plex client. Originally written to allow viewing of recorded shows on a ROKU device via the Plex channel.

    These were put together as whilst the built in Plex scanners will detect files with the correct SxxExx naming format, it will miss those where NextPVR falls back to the legacy naming convention when series and episode information is not available from the EPG source (e.g. for UK soap operas).

    The scanners will correctly process files in the following formats:

    TV Shows
    Full details:
    Partial details: (S00E00 will be used as episode title in this case)
    Legacy Format: show name_YYYYMMDD_HHMMHHMM.ts (Uses Year as season, MMDD as episode and recorded date as episode title)

    New format: Move.Name.(Year)

    Not sure if these will be of use to anyone else but thought it would be worthwhile to make them available!
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    Have you seen these?
    There might be some additions you can make, though it looks like your files are in the S0xE0x format, where I built the scanner originally for the timestamp based format. But I've also got an XML reader (metadata agent) that will read the xml file thats generated with the recording (more useful for overseas where nextpvr can't resolve an episode number)
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    Hi Psycik,

    The updated scanners were designed to work with both the original timestamp format (as yours are) plus the new naming format that was introduced (as an option) in 3.4.8 which makes the filenames more friendly with series, episode and title details (TV shows) and year (movies) if these are available from the EPG data.

    Would be more than happy for you to add the new regex to your code and take this version down so there is only one set of scanners available.

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