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Thread: Recordings degrade by the end of the recording

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    Recordings degrade by the end of the recording

    Picture quality is fine usually for the first hour. But then at around the 1h mark, the video quality starts degrading with intermittent pixelations and jumps that increase in frequency and pretty much make the video unwatchable by the 2 hour mark. This is from the recording because it is still there at the same locations when I use different software to rewatch the video. This hasn't always been the case and I have had videos that go for 3 hours that have been perfect. That doesn't happen anymore and now consistently degrades after 1 hour.
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    I've never heard any other reports of that, and not sure how that is even possible.

    Maybe your PC is overheating slowly or something? Or maybe weather conditions at the times (ie, slowly getting worse as weather degrades signal), or end of the day when it starts to cool down (which can have a negative effect on a marginal signal)?

    It doesn't sound like the sort of thing NextPVR would be causing.

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