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Thread: Problem with BBC Red Button HD

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    Problem with BBC Red Button HD


    I'm having an issue while trying to watch this BBC channel - sometimes I'm getting a warning that I have no AC3 decoder configured (I have LAV configured).
    On this channel I don't get any audio unless I select the second audio track. It appears that track 1 is silent, which seems very strange.

    Here is a sample .ts of the channel:

    Is this just a case of the BBC doing something weird with this channel?

    Is there any way to get NPVR to automatically play the correct audio track?

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    I notice the same thing happens if I try playing the file with VLC.

    It's happening because their is two audio tracks (both AC3), and it's defaulting to first AC3 track, but unfortunately this track appears to be silent.

    I'll check if there is some way it can tell that first AC3 is appropriate to use.

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