We use the classic NEWA interface to do at least 95% of our recording scheduling around here. I found out quite by accident last night that 4.2.2 has broken the ability to update an existing scheduled recording. With POTUS interrupting network TV last programing last night at 9pm, I went into NEWA and plugged in an extra 90 min of padding on 2 scheduled recordings in case the networks decided to play the shows to their conclusion after the news conference. Much to my surprise the shows only recorded for the 60 min they were originally scheduled for. Yea, it's on me, I didn't double check to make sure the padding actually got added. Bottom line though is I can confirm though with some testing and its quite repeatable, that NEWA no longer can update and existing scheduled recording. You can delete a pending recording, just not adjust the pre and post padding.

Any chance the ability can get added back in?