Question.... More or less.

I have been using NextPVR for a week or so now. I use it with an IPTV provider reliability is fairly well but sometimes channels do not load.

Let me also state that I do not watch a lot of Live Tv but sometimes we do, and I like this option for the recording aspect.

I have setup a couple of recordings that have failed. The errors provided are Error 403 unable to find Capture device.

After looking deeper into this turns out the url for the stream is unreachable. It has came back up but initially during the time of the recording it was down.

My thought and question on this, Is there a way to setup a backup Channel to try if one fails? For example this recording was for CBS. The main channel with EPG data Is where the recording was scheduled but the provider also has several other East coast CBS options or a Global TV option that has the show playing at the same time.

Two things that just hit me while typing. I have 3 connections to this provider. I assume I could setup a secondary recording at the same time that will try to record. If they both work I will have 2 recordings.

Is there any plugin to handle this type? Or do you see it possible to build a plugin? I possibly could do that have not looked into it a lot but I am a dev.