Yeah, I guess I did use a bad choice of words saying Device was malfunctioning. What I was trying to say, for some reason, my tuners wasn't being recognized or wasn't working correctly.

But still you got me on the right track.

I wasn't sure about the Windows Update notice on Hauppauge Website since it didn't mention whether the Tuners were analog or digital that were being affected.

True, a simple reboot might have resolved the problem. But I believe the problem would have recurred again because when I repaired my Windows 10 installation, it replaced my Hauppauge Driver from 2016 to a driver from 2012. The driver from 2012 probably wasn't completely compatible with Windows 10 version 1803.

Like I mentioned, a couple of weeks ago, something similar happened and I needed to clear the NPVR Scripts Cache and delete the XMLTV file and rerun again from Command Prompt. Then it started working again. But this time I couldn't get DBA/ASTC to populate the Programming Menu which is why I posted here at NPVR Forum.

Anyways, I appreciated your help in reading my log files to show me it was a tuner issue rather than strictly a software issue.