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Thread: MCE Buddy

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    Quote Originally Posted by mvallevand View Post
    There are lots of posts on MCE buddy if you search. The key would be leaving the filename the same only changing ts to mp4 after conversion. Note that mp4 files will only play in the NextPVR host client so if Kodi or other clients are required you will be out of luck.

    I solved it with two lines at the end of my profile - the file on my machine is:
    C:\Program Files\MCEBuddy2x\config\profiles.conf

    At the end of my profile, I appended these two lines:

    PostCustomCommandPath=C:\Program Files (x86)\NPVR\NScriptHelper.exe
    PostCustomCommandParameters=-rename "%sourcefile%" "%convertedfile%"
    OK, so with every ones help I got it working (I think). MCE Buddy converts the file, it does not change the name, type or location, When its all finished converting I go into the file location and change it to mp4 and it plays on all my clients. if I leave it a ts file then it will not play on the clients.

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    I changed the NPVR config so I wouldn't have to edit the profile in the config file every time I added a new profile and everything works fine with MCEbuddy and NPVR. I changed NPVR config to:

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