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Thread: Live TV black screen was just a directory permissions issue

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    Red face Live TV black screen was just a directory permissions issue

    I'm popping this onto the forum as it may help others searching for a solution. And perhaps give others something to smile about!

    For some reason, as I was configuring NextPVR I found the black screen on Live TV, and in some cases a NPVR crash ("Next PVR is not responding") I first assumed it was my decoders, and spent a number of hours uninstalling and reinstalling LAV and SAF6, Cyberlink and so on. However given various standalone video files worked, I wasn't so sure - plus deliberately picking a non-working MPEG2 decoder (like the Microsoft Win10 one) generated a sensible error. The last log error was "Live stream expired without 15 second renewal"

    It turns out that the temp directory that was set up for live streaming, %TEMP% (C:\Windows\Temp) was somehow not accessible to the running user - only localservice. So either the video recording service couldn't write to it (or perhaps the gui couldn't read from it?) ... therefore blank screen.

    As it wasn't completely obvious - and I spent a bit of time on the wrong path... so perhaps it might help others. I'm not sure if %TEMP% was my setting, but it seems at some point in the history of Windows that directory is no longer accessible by everyone as default.

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    An easy fix is to never use any directory name that is reserved for use by the operating system. My Live TV folder is named "Live TV".
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