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Thread: Multiple Connections

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    Multiple Connections


    I believe this was covered in another thread but I cant find it.

    If i purchase an IPTV service that allows multiple devices to stream at the same time, will I lose my multiple connections capability when I put my m3u link into the NextPVR server? Basically having multiple people connecting to the same NextPVR server in the same house hold.

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    Not sure I follow your question.

    NextPVR allows multiple IPTV connections at the same time (1 connection is used per stream). It doesn't currently enforce any limits on the number of connections, so it's up to you to make sure you don't try to use more connections than your IPTV provider allows. ie, if you provider allows 3 connections, you wouldn't want to be doing more than 3 simultaneous recordings from you IPTV provider.

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