Hi, firstly congratulations on a great piece of software, a wonderful alternative to media center.
My suggestion is only a minor one, but would be fantastic for me here in the uk because we have no free guide data that contains original air dates for series etc.
I noticed your software when you click in the guide on a program loads up thumbnails for shows which i presume must come direct from tvdb etc.
Well i was wondering if you include some code to search for the original air date and display it live even if the guide doesn't contain it.
The reason i ask is because I get guide information that does include often the series and program numbers usually in the description, ie (s1 ep2)
sometimes in the guide an episode title is also referenced at the start of the description with a colon ie bart goes school: in this episode....
I wrote a bat file that scrapes the tvdb after I record and uses this information to pick out the original air date from the tvdb but of course this is after i record and would love to see the info before on your guide system.
So maybe you could look at doing the code to do the same as my bat but as you click on a particular program in the guide?