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Thread: Watch more than one channel in the same software/browser

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    Watch more than one channel in the same software/browser

    Hi and please excuse my english.
    First of all I must say I LOVE NPVR! it's amazing and very useful in my house.
    i'm not sure if anyone asked this before but i've noticed that if I change channel on the software / browser that I watch npvr stream (for example: if I open "http://localhost:8866/live?channel=11" on vlc and at the same time want to open "http://localhost:8866/live?channel=12" - both on dvbt1 on a different vlc instance) the first stream is being stopped (and it does not play both of them at the same time). it happens both in browser and using vlc.
    Is it possible that you'll make it work more than 1 channel at the same time using the same software (like you already done with multiple pcs on the same channel/watch one channel on one device and another on second device at the same time)?
    Thank you very much.

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    Sorry - I missed your post when you originally posted it.

    Yes, you can have more than one http client, but you'll need to specify a client identifier. ie if I open "http://localhost:8866/live?channel=11&client=1 while the other client is viewing http://localhost:8866/live?channel=12&client=2

    These client strings can be any unique string that identifies the client. It doesn't have to be a number.

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