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Thread: truncated recordings

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    truncated recordings

    Hi, I've been testing NextPVR on and off for several years with my HDHR Prime. Every version I've tested including 4.2.2 truncates recordings from certain channels and I cannot find the cause.
    For example, any recording on channel 602 (CNBC via Frontier) stops early, usually within 6-14 minutes. There is no record failure error that I can find. Would someone be willing to help troubleshoot this issue with me?

    FYI I've also tested with Plex (works correctly), Emby (same issue as NextPVR), and WMC (works correctly).

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    As a first step you'll need to post the logs. Let use know the name and time of the recording, so we know where we're looking.

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