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Thread: Wish for "show windowed" feature enhancement

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    Wish for "show windowed" feature enhancement

    I wish for a "show windowed" feature that remembers size of the window and the location of the window. This way if I return to "show fullscreen" and watch for a while... when I reactivate "show windowed" Nextpvr goes back to the previously used size and location... without my wearing out my wrist resizing and relocating it 15+ times an evening. Sometimes one just has to flip back and forth to accommodate other things you have to do.

    For those that want it to return to a default size and location every time maybe there could be a click box in the miscellaneous setting screen to choose the current default behaviour.

    Hope this helps.


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    It's supposed to already do this, but in some quick testing, it looks like it's only working correctly if you untick 'fullscreen mode', so that it initially starts in window mode. When you do this, it always remembers the last location, and will restore to that location the next time you start the app. You can still press Alt-Enter to switch to fullscreen and back, and the window location will be remembered.

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    Something to add to this: When you go into fullscreen mode it only goes fullscreen on either the primary or secondary monitor, depending on if you have the 'Start on secondary monitor' box checked or not.

    If I bring NPVR to my secondary monitor, and then go fullscreen it will go fullscreen on my primary monitor if that box is unchecked. My expectation would be that it would go fullscreen on whichever monitor the window itself was on before going fullscreen. Programmatically I think you can determine which monitor the app is currently on from the window handle of your application, probably a pinvoke call is the easiest way.

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