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Thread: purging the Database

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    purging the Database

    I have copied my small collection of DVD's over to a hard drive. I am now in the process of importing these files into NextPVR. However sometimes the episodes are not listed correctly . For example the episodes for a particular show maybe out of order or there is an error in the information. What is the best way to remove these entries from the NextPVR database without deleting them as you would a recording.

    Up until yesterday, if I had such an issue, I would just rename the folder these files are in and then open NextPVR verify the files are no longer in NextPVR and then close NextPVR and I was able to import them again after resolving the issue in the associated XML file. However, my hard drive for my OS crashed last night and had to be replace and the OS and all software reinstalled. Now even though these files are not visible in NextPVR they are still not being imported after renaming the folder then opening NextPVR as they were before. I have found that after exporting the recording database I am then able to import these files after correcting the errors.

    Is exporting the database the best way to handle this or is their a better or more appropriate method?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tesla1886 View Post
    What is the best way to remove these entries from the NextPVR database without deleting them as you would a recording.
    config.xml contains two entries ... AutoRemoveMissingRecordings if true will delete the entries in the database if the recording file is missing ... NoRemoveWhenTreeMissing if true prevents NextPVR from deleeting missing recordings if the folder structure is also missing ... this prevents recordings stored on, for example, a NAS from being deleted if the NAS is offline ...

    NextPVR performs these checks when it starts. You should get the result that you want if you stop NextPVR, move the recording file to another folder, restart NextPVR (and NextPVR will delete the database entry), move the file back into the folder, redo the xml (or whatever) import to update the database.

    I am not sure what you are saying about events after the disk crash.
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