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Thread: Windows 10 Ramdrive for buffer

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    Windows 10 Ramdrive for buffer

    I've been using NPVR for a couple weeks now with iptv, and have been very happy with the results!

    I built a very powerful HTPC/gaming rig with no hardware bottlenecks, but knowing iptv can be flaky and streams can come and go, I wanted to improve my buffering speeds.

    I configured a 4Gb ramdrive to mount at startup, and within the few seconds required for my VPN to establish, I have a 10Gb/s buffer ready to go.

    Initial testing is looking great, and the video hangs on a weak station seem to be gone.

    So happy I found NextPVR

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    Yep, I have a 10GB! one setup and have set the system %TEMP% variable to point to it so any temp files are removed when the PC is rebooted. Seems to work perfectly. I set it to this large size to account for periodic video conversion tasks and with this system having 16Gb , it's way more RAM that is required for HTPC duties.
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