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Thread: UK satellite users - BBC HD channels

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    UK satellite users - BBC HD channels

    For anyone else who has lost access to all BBC HD channels via satellite today, you can find them by doing a manual scan of these two frequencies:

    (Select satellite 0282 Astra 2E/2F/2G)

    Frequency:10847, Sym/Rate:23000, Polarity: V
    Frequency:11023, Sym/Rate:23000, Polarity: H

    (Info from

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    To receive digital TV via satellite but not through Freesat or Sky, you need to tune your equipment to the correct frequencies yourself. For help with tuning, please contact your equipment retailer, manufacturer or installer. If you have lost any BBC channels and have a Freesat box, you may need to turn it off then on again to make it perform a retune. If that fails you may have to retune it. Please refer to your instruction manual. Because of software limitations, BBC Red Button interactive channels are currently only available with Freesat or a Sky set-top box and viewing card.

    The BBC’s services have moved to their new permanent home on Astra 2E (28.2°East)

    Read more about the article you can visit here.

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