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This is a fairly minor release, rolling the patches posted for 4.2.2 into the main release. See next post for some comments on the future versions of NextPVR.

Please post any support issues in the support forum. Support questions posted in this thread will be deleted.

- much faster Search screen when using a client install
- fixed problem where sometimes the app would claim no audio decoder was available when switching to channel on different source.
- fixed issue with entering manual recording start/end times on the popup window
- fixed issue with typing channel number on manual recording popup
- fixed issue with streaming recordings with name that ended in "..." (to web/android/ios)
- fixed issue with click controls in video playback with VMR9 renderer
- fixed issue with 'epg mode' timeshifting with non-digital devices
- fixed a bug where some SAT>IP devices would fail to tune
- fixed issue where channel groups could be left behind after deleting a device
- OnDemand will now cope with .mp4/.mkv urls that don't have channel group information
- fixed issue with manual recordings set to start on a future date
- fixed issue with recurring recordings with the same show name starting at the same time on different channels
- fixed an issue with importing channels from a specific IPTV provider
- only showing 'Play' button in recordings screen when file is present on disk
- fixed issue with HDPVR/Analog live tv streaming continuing to receive data after a recording starts on a different channel
- fixed issue with API that reports slip status to client applications