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Thread: 4.2.3 available (11th November)

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    Quote Originally Posted by sub View Post
    Unfortunately Emby used a different API than all the other clients, and that wont be available in NextPVR v5. I would have spent time with the Emby guys helping them convert the plugin to use the main API, but with them going commercial now, I'm not sure I'd bother. They're welcome to update the plugin themselves, and I'll be happy to answer any questions, but they'll have to do the work.
    Oh well, will just have to hope everything works out. Thanks for the info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sub View Post
    You can download from

    This is a fairly minor release, rolling the patches posted for 4.2.2 into the main release. See next post for some comments on the future versions of NextPVR.

    Please post any support issues in the support forum. Support questions posted in this thread will be deleted.

    This is Awesome stuff! Great move!

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