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Thread: Slow to transcode live shows

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    Question Slow to transcode live shows

    I've noticed it takes quite a bit longer for a live channel to be transcoded and viewed in the app than it does while watching a previously recorded show. The link below shows first an attempt to watch a live show being transcoded. This takes 18 seconds to begin. The second is watching a show that was perviously recorded. This takes closer to 5 seconds. The source is a network attached hdhomerun. Is this expected behavior?
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    Longer is expected. How much longer depends on your system and configuration.


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    Its normal for transcoded live tv to take longer to start than transcoded playback of a recording. Basically the player needs to buffer a certain amount of data before it can begin playback. With a recording, that data is already there on disk. With live tv, it needs to wait for the data to arrive from the broadcast.

    There can be a few other factors that come into, like how quick your tuner is to start, how fast the CPU is in your machine etc. Typically on my Android tablet it takes about 10 seconds to start transcoded live tv. I'm lucky enough that my device can also natively handle our live broadcasts (which are H.264/HE-AAC), so with directplay enabled live tv starts in about 3-4 seconds.

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