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Thread: Kodi box

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    Kodi box

    What kind of Android boxes does everyone out there use with NextPVR?
    Just wondering.
    Thank you,

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    Not strictly Android, but as a backup to my Syabas Popcornhour A110, I run a RPi2 with Librelec and Kodi 18. Maybe a thought for you.
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    thank you

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    I second the Raspberry PI option.

    - Relatively cheap, with board, box and power supply, < $55 if you do your homework
    - Easy to setup, I use LibreElec distribution
    - I've built a process to clone the setup, so if I add another PI, or have to rebuild one, it literally takes <20 minutes to be up and running.
    - Running PI 2's and 3's. The 3's have enough horse power, that they don't need the $5 mpeg codec for smooth playing
    - Most video's play fine over wireless, although HD works better over a wired connection
    - Integrates well with the HDHomeRun plugin (with Guide)

    - Onboard wireless on the PI3's is flakey, I tend to use a $5-10 wireless USB dongle for better performance
    - There may be others, but I'm kinda biased for the PI's because of familiarity...

    I leverage a MySQL database so each client (TV) has the same view of the data (EPG, watched shows, etc...), movies, tv shows, music, plugins, etc... I can pause a movie (or tv show) in the living room, and pick it up at the exact spot in the bedroom, on the porch TV, the computer or tablet... (Note, the MySQL setup is not unique to RPI, you can use it for any Kodi installation that you can edit config files)
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    In a related thread I responded to your post suggesting that you should look at the Kodi sticky and I think that still applies here. I'm looking forward to getting my Amazon 4k stick tomorrow to see if it is as good as they say.

    It is also not clear if you want Kodi only or looking for something that runs other apps. For Kodi only Libreelec or osmc will usually have the most supporters.


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    OK, since other folks responded with non-Android options, I'll chime in too. I've used OSMC on RPi2 and and RPi3 and have found that to be pretty easy to setup and fairly stable. If you'll willing to spend more money, I have to say that the OSMC Vero 4K+ is bar none the best little box for running Kodi I've ever used. It's definitely pricey, but it's the only thing I've found that actually does 4K playback (outside a full fledged PC).

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    I find the video playback on android box to be less pleasing to the eye than rpi.not as smooth (probably depends on country and video format)
    kodi on android is pretty flaky crashes, rpi hardly ever freezes.Restarts in less than a minute if it is feeling a bit sluggish
    Always use network cable.
    I use xnewa rather than the npvr addon a lot less resource hungry
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    Client:Cpu Intel 2 gig ram ,Nvidia 9400
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    Another one for RPi3 running X-NEWA on LibreElec using a wired connection as the Wi-Fi is not its best feature. On a RPi2 I didnt need the MPEG2 license so definitely dont need it on the RPi3. In the particular location I am using a wired connection from a cheap Wi-Fi extender which gives more than enough speed and good reliable skip.

    I get surprisingly good performance from my early Fire stick running X-NEWA on Kodi in an outside location as the Wi-Fi is better than on the RPi. No problem playing HD video and skipping works well but on my early model it is slow to boot.
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    Clients:- 2 X RPi3, Acer RL80 Celeron Nettop all running X-NEWA on LibreElec plus Amazon Fire Stick (32bit) running X-NEWA on Kodi.

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