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Thread: X-NEWA support for selecting server

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    X-NEWA support for selecting server

    I'm pretty sure that N-NEWA doesn't currently support multiple servers and letting the user select which one to connect to when launched (similar to the iOS client). I haven't needed it before, so hadn't been looking for it. And a quick search didn't turn up anything. So I guess this is a new feature request for Martin.

    FYI: I just installed an NPVR server at my mom's house and would like to be able to select whether to connect to the local server or my home server via the VPN connection.

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    I am not planning on making a change but you can edit the full settings.xml in the addon folder

    <setting default="" id="host" label="30201" option="urlencoded" type="labelenum" values="||"/>

    to allow selection of the values in settings

    If you want friendly names you could use text names and a hosts file.

    This will get overwritten every version but the last good value will still be saved in the user's settings.xml

    If the VPN is exposing your server as a private IP and forwarding UDP then discovery on it will work if you leave the server as and turn off the local server.

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