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Thread: NEXT on ARM

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    NEXT on ARM

    I have searched arround and it seems there are a few old posts for 2017 or so on this subject but...

    Been trying look at ways to move the recording aspect of next of my main pc.

    Looking at
    Windows 10 iot on pi - has anyone done this?
    Drivers for the usb dvb could be tricky..

    I know a pi probably isn't fast enough to encode out to the network but I figure that could be done by something else or amaybe a tinkerboard would have enough power to get 1 hd stream back out as well as 2 TV cards in?

    Anyone got any thoughts?

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    NextPVR is only able to be used on Windows running on x86/x64 machines.

    The next version, NextPVR v5.x, is multiplatform. I've tested it on an RPi3 running Raspbian. I haven't used it on Windows IoT on PI, but it should be possible in the near future.

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