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Thread: Multiple Clients one NPVR Server

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    Multiple Clients one NPVR Server


    Having lots of trouble with multiple clients accessing the same NVPVR Server and very slow to load m3u/xmltv data.

    Windows 10
    Kodi - Latest Nightly
    All machines Hardwired, 60mb/s on
    3.3.11 NextPVR Client installed.

    When loading the m3u/xmltv from the IPTV simple client it takes seconds to go through and load the channels and guide. The NextPVR PVR Client takes almost 25 minutes to complete.
    I have filtered the xmltv to only 344 channels with EPG data, and a total of 700 channels for IPTV.

    Using the NextPVR Client PVR:
    If 1 HTPC is on and kodi is loaded with PVR Manager and all data is loaded, all channels tend to work properly. No buffering, no skipping, continuous play.
    As soon as a second box is turned on, kodi loaded, streaming starts to skip on the one, then stops, then wont load the channel again, Kodi crashes causing a restart.
    Second box will need a clear all data, NPVR will need a restart of recording service, and the second box will start to stream properly.

    If any other box is turned on and Kodi loaded, same cycle as above. I cannot have all HTPC's on accessing the same NPVR server.
    Recording works perfectly fine through all this and doesnt buffer/skip.

    When NVPR is disabled and IPTV Simple Client enabled with same m3u/xmltv links, no problems on any machine. All can watch the same channel with no issue.

    What is best practice in this situation for multiple machines?
    Is NextPVR capable of doing this?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    Because of the log rolling you would best to enable DEBUG logging and send your Kodi log or better use the Kodi log uploader and pass the URL Also in the Settings-Client tab if sending VOD groups is disabled you will get better performance.

    FWIW I have 194 channels and a full load after resetting the database takes 70 seconds and most of that is the EPG update for 14 days.


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    Is NextPVR capable of doing this?
    Sure, lots of people use multiple clients.

    How is your CPU usage at the time? Maybe your backend just isn't up to the task.

    If it were me, I'd also be trimming that channel list down - am I really going to be watching those 700 channels?

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