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Thread: NextPVR hangs if unable to find signal

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    NextPVR hangs if unable to find signal

    If NextPVR tunes to a channel that has an issue so cannot get a signal lock, it just hangs, sometimes it may come back after a few minutes, other times not. This happens in both the NextPVR stand alone client or using the Kodi plugin. Kodi has a setting to timeout after 10 seconds that works fine with other PVR's but is ignored by NextPVR.

    It is simple to replicate the issue, just change one of your channels to an invalid frequency select that channel and bam! In my case some channels do that anyway though I've got most missing ones back after fiddling with Dish.
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    Please provide logs to make it simple for us.


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    It isn't easy to replicate as I have at least two channels that have moved to another frequency, leaving a blank mux. I've not had a freeze due to this so far.
    Hence the requirement of posting logs to see what is going on with your system.

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