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Thread: Kodi startup very slow to read in TV data before you can watch TV

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    Kodi startup very slow to read in TV data before you can watch TV

    It takes about 3 minutes from starting Kodi up before being able to watch Live TV as it takes an age to read in the data from the NextPVR server. It pauses for about 1 minute before doing anything, this is on FireTV. I can try on the same on MrMc (Kodi fork) and it is reasonably fast. Anyone know why?

    It would be nice if on Settings->TV->Guide->Update Interval, it also had 'Update Time', so when Kodi starts up it can check the last time it read EPG data in (see date on epg11.db) and determine based on Update Time & 'Update Interval' if it actually needs to re-read it in or use the cache. EPG only updates once a day so there's no need. I'd set it to 6:30am with interval of 1440 minutes (24 hours). I appreciate this though is probably a Kodi change

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    Your Kodi debug log would help to see where the slowdown is. If you have a lot of recurring recordings there are changes in v18 that do cause a lot of spam. I have a patch to the addon that should help.

    The are some advanced settings to try to reduce the load but the first startup of the day can be a drag.


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