As many of you know, the Colossus IR Blaster is very weak. It worked just fine with my Dishnetwork equipment but when I converted over to Xfinity, I had many problems getting the IR blaster to consistently change the channels. I tried many different options and here is what worked for me:

1. I setup the codes in the blast config file (HCWBlast.ini) defined from this website:

2. I unscrewed the bottom of the Pace PX022ANM and exposed the IR receiver. Once the bottom was removed you can get direct access to the IR receiver and then I pointed the Colossus IR blaster directly at the receiver. To do this, I had to put a piece of aluminum foil underneath it to angle it downward at the receiver then I used aluminum foil tape to hold it in place. You may be asking why I used aluminum. This was to make sure the IR signal reflected at is maximum potential. I had to tape the Pace bottom back on because once the IR blaster was attached there was too much physical interference for the bottom to fit back on nicely.

3. Minimize heat sources. Do not put any devices underneath the Cable Box that will create heat. In addition, I had to elevate the box using spacers to maximize venting. In addition to heat sources, keep away from Plasma TVs and fluorescent lights. All of these interfere with the IR signals and can drive inconsistency.

With these three things in place, I now have reliable channel changing. The third item was very important to get reliability. When I moved the box away from my heat sources and elevated it, I went from 60-70% reliability to 100% reliability.

Here are some things I tried to get a stronger IR signal with no success:

1. Use an IR repeater. Did not work and just was not able to boost the signal using an IR repeater.

2. Bought a USBUIRT and used IRSS to learn the signal. My Harmony Ultimate (did not have a Xfinity IR remote) worked fine with the box and had plenty of strength. I tried learning the signal with the USBUIRT and IRSS using the Harmony signal with no success. I was able to get the USBUIRT to learn with Sage TV but I really did not want to switch to Sage TV. Something was not working in the learning process and these programs (IRSS and Sage TV) have not been updated in years.

3. Bought the single IR blaster from Hauppauge that does not have the IR receiver. There was no change in the IR blaster strength. Even tried a different IR blaster that does have the IR receiver but still did not change the IR strength.

So there you have it. What worked and what did not work for me. I hope this helps someone with the same problems!