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Thread: Apple TV - Searching for NextPVR server...

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    Apple TV - Searching for NextPVR server...

    I recently purchased and downloaded the NextPVR app on my Apple TV. I have tried to open the app several times and continue to get the response "Searching for NextPVR server...".
    I have re-booted the AppleTV unit several times, including soft & hard-boot. No change. I contacted Apple support. They suggested I go through NextPVR support, and here I am.
    I have a 50mbps internet connection with no issues on other streaming apps (Netflix, IPTV, etc.).
    Is there a registration or set-up required on AppleTV to enable the connectivity to the server?
    Thank you.

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    Do you have a server set up on a computer doing the recording.
    Npvr is not a cloud based system like netflix etc
    it is a program that records TV onto a hard drive then acts as a server within a WiFi home situation..
    Server:Cpu-Intel i3,ATI Radeon HD 5670 ,OS-Windows 7,2gig ram. 2xHvr4400,Nova-s plus(dvb-s SD),hvr2210(dvb-t HD)
    Client:Cpu-AMD am2,Gpu-Ati HD2100 integrated ,OS-Windows 7,2gig ram
    Client:Cpu Intel 2 gig ram ,Nvidia 9400
    Client:Popcorn Hour A110
    Client:Samsung [NZ][DVB-s][2012]BD-E5900x2
    Client:Samsung [NZ][DVB-s][2013]BD-F6500

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    Mine seems to take forever to find my PVR on the network, not sure if its just the first time it detects the IP address of the server but once its found it seems to start up and find the server a bit quicker

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