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Thread: Too Many Devices HDHR Prime; Unable to Capture

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    Too Many Devices HDHR Prime; Unable to Capture

    I've had a SiliconDust HD HomeRun Prime working well for a few years now. All of a sudden though, in settings>devices, it is now detecting three more tuners than I should have. The first three appeared earlier this week, I think. The second 4 have been there for a few months; the -3 has been there for a few months and it messes things up if I delete it as a device or do anything with it really. So that's why I'm hesitant to delete any devices at this point.
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    I'd backup your npvr.db3 file first, then on the Settings->Devices screen, right click on each of the lower 4 HDHR devices and select delete. At the end you should have just the top three left. Then restart the recording service.

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    All of the HDHR devices in your listing are showing Present as "No". Was your HDHR turned off or the network disconnected when you captured this screen shot?

    Also, I would expect to see ATSC and QAM variations for each of the HDHR tuners as well.

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