Hi All
I recently added a Colossus to my setup fed by a Virgin Media Tivo through a splitter. It started out performing well but over the past couple of weeks some recordings have been losing audio. It drops out at some random point in the recording and it doesn't come back - no glitching, it just stops. The programme will continue to play with video only and it's definitely lost in the recording as opposed to just on playback. I have checked the obvious things: replaced HDMI cables; rebooted everything; but it is still happening seemingly at random.
Obviously there is a chance it's the Tivo or splitter but I reckon it's the Colossus as when we had two recordings on the same channel separated by a 15 minute gap the first lost the audio but it was back from the start of the second and nothing had happened to the Tivo or splitter in between other than a channel blast but no channel change. When we had two recordings on the same channel without a gap and the first lost it's audio it was not there from the start of the (overlapping) second.
Has anybody had anything like this? Could it simply be a faulty Hauppauge card?
Cheers for any thoughts.