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Thread: Improve reliability of STB channel changing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mvallevand View Post
    From the looks of things you should skip GXPC4312H_StarterUUTX.bat altogether, it does nothing except cause problems. Using the start command to run another batch file makes no sense for tuning. The first batch file will complete and report back to NRecord that it is finished when it may not have. Running with realtime priority should be avoided too but you probably did this to reduce the chance of the "start" problem.

    Quote Originally Posted by Graham View Post
    Agreed ... uutx.exe is doing something so trivial that it is not likely that it will benefit from the "realtime" (or any other) boost that comes from the START command.
    Gents - I'm guessing you're both correct. What I was looking for was (as topic) a reliable channel change without missing keypresses.

    Suggestions from here and other forums ranged from:
    • Improving the learned STB Codes for the remote - with Samsung (my STB) touted as being particularly sensitive to the correct code. For this I learned them using
      (a) subs USBUIRTSend.exe utility (and even his old USBUIRTlearn.exe one)
      (b) ISBUIRT native lrnhelper.exe utility (I have the 0.01, 0.02 and 0.05 versions)
      (c) Global Caches iLearn.exe utility (Pronto, GC and GC Compressed Formats; latter two for use in my trials using the device as a Blaster)
      (d) Iscrutinizer using the Global Cache Flex Device (Pronto, GC and GC Compressed Formats; ditto)
    • Trying a different Blaster
      (a) The USB-UIRT (my go-to device); this despite (i) the suggestion that the FTDI FT232R chip in it (it might be any of FTDI FT232RL, FTDI FT232BM) might be responsible for missing keypresses [I wrote to Jon Rhees but am not expecting a reply] and (ii) The suggestion that the thing was very susceptible to EMF. Case 1; Case 2. I put ferrite beads on both the main wire and the additional transmitter wire, both ends. The small transmitter is stuck on the STB sensor, the main device is well away from it to prevent doubling up. Yes I could use Zones (Z1, Z2,..) to isolate the transmitter but I like to see the red light flash on the main unit ... I also uncoiled my neat coiled up wiring to ensure I wasn't creating a little amplified magnetic field and re-routed the cables away from transformers etc..
      (b) The Global Cache iTach Flex and iTach IP2IR (worked as well as the USB-UIRT but not better).
      (c) The Colossus Blaster HD-PVR (wouldn't learn the codes, abandoned).
    • Ensuring the transmitter was directed at the sensor, with the right power; I had the USBUIRT blasting full-tilt but went for the small stick-on transmitter in the end.
    • Trying various blaster executables to get the code-issue timing right so as to not miss keypresses by being too fast or too slow or with issue of too many repeat codes, including (playing each time with Repeat and InterCodeDelay settings):
      (a) USBUIRTSend.exe [caused EventViewer crash so had to give up on it despite being a nice utility]
      (b) uutx.exe, the native app for the usbuirt [caused EventViewer crash so had to give up on it despite being a nice utility].
      (c) The Global Cache (GC) executable for use with a GC IP2IR device such as the iTach Flex. Documented here.
      (d) A similar executable for IP2IR issue, TST10.exe, also documented there.
    • Trying various argument settings {channel}=>{channel_d1}{channel_d2}{channel_d3}=>{ channel_d1} {channel_d2} channel_d3}=>{channel_d2} {channel_d3} {channel_d3}. NOTE the SPACES and d2 to d4 not d1 to d3.
    • Trying various Batch Files to change sendcode executable priority
      See below.

    I am still not sure what worked exactly, maybe a little bit of everything but it (seems) to be more reliable now. Time will tell.
    So, back to your comments - below was my original (working) code and it is actually faster than one batch calling another, then it sending 3 instances of uutx. All I wanted from the "start" batch file parameter was for it to be reliable by having a higher priority; it turned out not to be more reliable, just more complex as you state.

    @echo off
    REM Used to reset USB-UIRT in case it hangs - not needed
    REM Devcon.exe restart USB\VID_0403*
    cd C:\Users\Public\NPVR\ChanChg\
    set "channel=%1"
    set "num=-1"
    REM by KM
    REM timeout 1
    set /a num=num+1
    call set "name2=%%channel:~%num%,1%%"
    if defined name2 (
    uutx.exe -r2 -s10 %name2%
    echo %name2%
    goto :loop
    HTH someone.

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