Apologies for starting a new thread but I think it is worth doing so now that I have a reasonable idea of the blaster utilities and commands required to operate my IPTV STB.

What I didn’t realise was there is a whole industry surrounding IPTV channel zapping (it even has a name!) with lots of research papers etc etc.

Anyway, whilst sub has patiently explained the whole IR Blasting process is SLOW and the technology hasn't changed i.e. it remains a crude simualtiuon of someone pressing a remote, the thing I still don’t understand is that when I just plug the STB to my HDMI Monitor (or TV) the remote presses are reliable.

I have purposely not mentioned instantaneous as sub has explained that the whole NPVR Client->NextPVR Server->IR Blaster (USB or Capture Card based)->STB->Capture Card->PC->Client->TV is slow, as above. I don't really care about the speed of the channel change TBH I don't channel surf (at least not right now).

However as I mostly watch recorded programs, I need to know it is going to be reliable and record the show I need.

I did a couple of trials as follows:

  1. STB -> direct to HDMI Monitor, changing channels using STB remote - fastest changes (as expected) but also reliable; even after I did many changes sequentially.
  2. STB -> direct to HDMI Monitor, changing channels using USBUIRT (manual zap using cmd + a uutx batch) - reasonably fast changes (as expected) also reliable, even after I did many changes sequentially.
  3. STB->Colossus in PC, NextPVR changing channels using USBUIRT (uutx-based batch) - slow changes (as explained) but unreliable, especially after I did a number of channel changes sequentially. I tried this with various permutations of "Restart on Live TV Channel Change" and "

My STB output is set for a fixed resoution of 1080i.

So my questions are:

  • Why is (3) unreliable? See these pictures on another thread for examples of missing channel digits (1st, middle, last...).
  • How do I improve the reliability of STB channel changing?
  • What governs it?
    • Would a better / faster capture card (I have a Colossus I (HDPVR) which this thread suggests might be an issue?) take something out of the time needed for the change? I am more than happy to buy a new capture device if this will likely help.
    • Do IPTV STBs have some sort of buffer that needs to empty before you can "zap" the next channel

  • My config.xml shows <HDPVRBufferLonger>false</HDPVRBufferLonger>. Would setting this to true help?
  • My config.xml shows <WaitLongerDelay>6500</WaitLongerDelay>; would changing this help? Appreciate that referred thread back at 3.3.8 was fixed by sub via a patch for that posters problem.

Lost of questions, sorry!