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Man A51+NPVR+Kodi is a pain in the ass. NPVR works better alone but I like Kodi's interface. So A51 overhauled their epg and added some weird channel groups and it really caused chaos. Kodi crashes at startup unless I remove some groups in npvr but when I do kodi hates that too unless I do a clear data on live tv. It also seems certain groups were causing this whole issue with me having to restart the recording service at startup this whole time because removing some fixed that. So it seems like it's all about the weird groups they add and probably the epg xml format's a problem. I gotta stop being lazy about setting up schedules direct. Here's the logs and the epg xml if you guys want to have a go at it.
In NextPVR, I'd make sure 'send VOD groups' is unticked on the Settings->Clients screen.

If A51 has changed channels and groups etc, your best bet is probably to delete the channels and reimport them, and reset the PVR data in Kodi.