The new multi-platform NextPVR v5 is progressing well. At this stage I've only got a few guys helping me out with testing, and I'd like to get a wider pool of people using it.

NextPVR v5 works on Windows, Linux (x64 and Arm32 at this stage) and Mac. It is also available as a docker container, which should be usable in environments like on a NAS, or LibreELEC etc. The app currently comes as the backend recording service, and a web app. The nextpvr.exe UI will also be supplied in the near future for Windows users. For now users can interact with it using the web app, or Kodi, or the existing NextPVR iOS/Android apps, or nlite.exe.

Ideally you'll have an account on the forum which is at least 6 months old with a few posts to your name (so not a new user), and be somewhat technical (comfortable with the basics of Linux and/or Docker etc, can unzip stuff, set environment variables etc). If you're interested in helping out, send me a PM to let me know, along with some summary info (like devices you're using, and maybe what platforms you're hoping to test it on).

If you're wanting to test v5 in hopes of fixing some issues you have with NextPVR v4, then this isn't for you - NextPVR v4 is definitely the most stable version. NextPVR v5 is very much a work in progress. In the near future we'll do a public beta, when I'm happy with stability, so anyone can test it.