I have just got a new USB TV card that have CI and when I look inside this wiki

I can see "TechnoTrend devices with built-in CI module" and I think it have support for CI but not sure

Why I ask if I have a little problem to find a good signal to the TV card.
When I use a basic DVB-T Box for TV I can see it is ok signal (Not great but ok) I can get all the channel and also the channel that is encrypted.
But when I use my new TV card with NextPVR I don't get all signal, just one MUX it found and when I trying to watch the channel from chrome browser I just get a black screen and nothing else (all the channel is encrypted).
So I'm not sure if it have with the antenna, TV card or NextPVR.

I going to see if I can get a better signal but not sure if that is possible.