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Thread: NextPVR web API for scheduling - DayMask

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    A timeslot recording basically looks for a show with the same name that starts within the timeslot (which by default is +/- 90 minutes o the original start time). The intention of this time slot was basically record a show that typically airs at the same time each week, but can deal with slight variances to the time (like airing an hour late some time etc)

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    Yes that's what I thought. I think a missing piece for me in Emby is for channels like Hallmark (we don't get it here in Canada - no loss) that show made for TV moves movies every Sunday night but the name changes. To avoid confusion I just took out that option for movies in Emby because it would need to be a manual recording.

    I'm not even sure how NextPVR would name these shows so I have do some testing.


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